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Robin Cunnings

Seasons: 5
Portrayed by: Rebecca Romijn
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: CIA Operative (former)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Curse

Robin Cunnings was a rogue CIA agent. She appeared in the fifth season episode, Chuck Versus the Curse. Cunnings is part of the shadow conspiracy of Season 5.

Cunnings was part of a conspiracy plot developed by Daniel Shaw to destroy Chuck Bartowski, Carmichael Industries, and Sarah Walker.

Robin is known for her torture skills, although she "prefers to think of it more as an art form". Her favorite interrogation technique has been electrocution with a device she dubs as "The Toy".


Robin Cunnings was introduced as the successor to the late Clyde Decker, apparently continuing the mission of destroying Carmichael Industries and, ultimately, Chuck.

Cunnings planned on using Ellie and Awesome as leverage in order to get the Omen Virus from Team Bartowski, recovered during Chuck Versus the HackOff, and the thought of his family being harmed sent Chuck into a over protective, almost irrational tailspin, falling back on his previous behaviors, instead of letting the team come up with a plan and working in concert. Instead, Chuck failed to trust the team, and went out on his own to free his family which ended up backfiring. Ellie and Devon had all ready freed themselves when Chuck arrived, and they turned back to aid him. In the ensuing tangle, Cunnings got her hands on the virus and immediately unleashed it. She had decided to kill Devon and Chuck when the rest of Chuck's team arrived, and took Robin into custody.

Beckman was delighted to have one of the conspirotors responsible for the Bartowski hunt in her hands and threatens Robin with her own "toy." As a result, Robin reveals to General Beckman that she is indeed part of a conspiracy against Chuck specifically - but has no knowledge of who the mastermind might be. Her confession to Beckman allowed the General to clear Team Bartowski of any wrong doing and expunge Casey's record. Their time as fugitives was over.

Cunnings was incarcerated by the CIA.


Chuck: I can handle anything you throw at me.
Robin Cunnings: They all say that - so sad. Bring out the Toy!
Chuck: Whoa, whoa. Really? That's' the Toy?' I don't think children should be involved with that in any way shape or form.


  • Agent Cunnings is played by Rebecca Romijn, who is known for having portrayed Mystique in the first three films of the X-Men franchise
  • At 5'11" Rebecca Romaijn was delighted to join “...such a great cast! Such a tall cast, which is great for me! I'm glad I'm here to finally round out the tallest cast in Hollywood.”