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Rocky Falcone

Seasons: 5
Portrayed by: Marco Rodriguez
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Arms dealer
Residence: Florida
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Kept Man

Rocky Falcone is a Miami arms dealer. He appears in Chuck Versus the Kept Man.

Verbanski hires Carmichael Industries to act as her team on a Miami meeting with Falcone, the team will act as protection. Casey is suspicious, Verbanski senses Casey's reluctance to take the mission, so she offers up the fee in advance. Chuck and Sarah eagerly take the check while Casey continues to simmer with suspicion. Verbanski tells them they leave for Miami in the morning. With Verbanski gone, Chuck and Sarah ask Casey why he's so suspicious. Casey tells them it sounds more like a vacation than a real mission. Chuck tells Casey they haven't made any money in months, and Verbanski has deep pockets.

When the team meets Falcone, "...meeting in public, bringing your own security team. It's like you don't trust me," he directs them to his private weapons range for a midnight meeting, and suggests she bring her check book.

When Casey objects to moving to an unsecured location, she insists she wants the Aegis guns Falcone is selling. Falcone makes the meet, and then tries to steal Verbanki's $3 million without delivering the guns. Verbanski then responds, "The price just changed, Rock. How does free grab you?"

The team takes down Rocky and his men, and Verbanski tells the angry Casey, "Rocky is just the first piece of the puzzle. The real mission starts now." Verbanski then proceeds to leveraged Falcone to give up his supplier, Pedro St. Germain, "Falcone kindly gave up his exact location in the Everglades."