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Roger Bale

Seasons: 5
Portrayed by: Craig Kilborn
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Conman, fraud, and thief
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Zoom

Roger Bale appeared in the fifth season premiere episode, Chuck Versus the Zoom.

The fledgling Carmichael Industries' new client hires them to retrieve money stolen by Roger Bale, a high-level Ponzi schemer who has bilked investors out of a half a billion dollars. The client promises 20% of the money recovered to the team.

Chuck and Morgan go on a recon mission at Bale's club. Morgan flashes - or "zooms", as he prefers to call it - on Bale's bag and learns that he is a member of the Kensington Athletics club. Chuck proposed that he play Bale to finesse an invite, but the others agree Morgan take the place of Bale's opponent for a game of squash, since he can "zoom' on how to play, and is able to secure invitations to Bale's party for both himself and Sarah.

Chuck's plan to retrieve the money from Bale's accounts is thwarted by Clyde Decker, who hacks Chuck's hack to freeze Bale's accounts and trigger the alarm at his computer vault. Chuck heads over to Bale's computer vault, ostensibly as an IT technician, and fixes the problem then threatens to disconnect the cables on Bale's servers, which would disable his firewall and allow the CIA access to his accounts, if his team is not immediately released. After Sarah, Casey and Morgan are released, they flee to the van where Chuck has left a plan for them to follow in order to get him out of Bale's clutches. Chuck yanks the server cables as the plan goes into motion and he escapes Bale's offices by leaping from a large window before Bale's gunman can catch him.

Bale is later arrested and incarcerated.