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Samantha Merryman

Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Uncredited
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Fulcrum Operative
Relationships: Mitch Merryman (partner)
Residence: Meadow Branch
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Suburbs

Samantha Merryman is one of ten Fulcrum agents posing as suburban couples based in Meadow Branch subdivision in Chuck Versus the Suburbs.

Born in Dayton Ohio, she was a CIA operative, a member of the Senior Executive Service, the Deputy Executive Officer for Command and Control and Combat Support Systems. She graduated Ball State with an BS in math and psychology and an MS in engineering management from the University of Dayton.

She was one of only three Fulcrum operatives to survive exposure to the open test of their Intersect in the Meadow Branch subdivision base and was seen in CIA custody following the decimation of her team.