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Sasha Banacheck, born April 24, 1969, was a former KGB agent who turned mercenary following the end of the Cold War. She is portrayed by Melinda Clarke.

After spending seven years in a Bulgarian prison (without breaking under presumed torture) for supplying weapons to a counter-government insurgency, Banacheck was hired by Fulcrum. She received the Cipher from Mr. Colt, which he swapped with a sabotaged decoy that destroyed the rebuilt Intersect computer system.

Banacheck was well-known among intelligence circles as a seductress, making CIA agent Roan Montgomery the ideal foil and he was pressed back into service to train Chuck in the part of a seducer and lady's man. Banacheck relies primarily on the mercenaries under her command rather than her own combat training. She prefers to use her appearance and sex as a weapon rather than direct confrontation, and she is an infamous and dangerous seductress.

She has earned the nickname "The Black Widow" for her ruthlessness and tactic of first seducing then killing her adversaries. Her other known alias is Katherine Brewster. The only agent known to have bested her at this game was Roan Montgomery, and she harbors a deep dislike for him, especially in light of the fact that Roan's survival led to her initial imprisonment. She quickly recognized Montgomery's training when Chuck attempted to seduce her and was unimpressed when Montgomery himself confronted her in the Buy More.

Her name is a reference to the 1985 movie Gotcha!, taking the name of Linda Fiorentino's character, Sasha Banacheck.

First seen in: "Chuck Versus the Seduction]]"

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