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The Fifth Season


Theme: Action-comedy
Country of origin: USA
Network: NBC
Original run: October 28, 2011 - January 27, 2012
Total episodes: 13
Seasons: Season 12345

The Fifth Season of Chuck aired starting on October 28, 2011 in the United States with the episode Chuck Versus the Zoom. It is the final season of Chuck.

The season concluded with a 2-hour special series finale with the episodes Chuck Versus Sarah and Chuck Versus the Goodbye.


The final season was ordered for a set of thirteen episodes by NBC on May 13, 2011. Unlike all other previous seasons, the show aired at 8/7c on Fridays, rather than its usual Monday slot.

Chuck - The Complete 5th and Final Season was released on DVD and Blu-ray May 8, 2012.

Season Plot[]

With Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, and Casey all working under Carmichael Industries as freelance spies, Morgan has to learn to handle his Intersect 2.0 whereas Chuck has to rely on his spy skills after his Intersect was removed.

Meanwhile, the team has to face ongoing threats against their newly founded spy company all while handling missions from their clients.




Episode List[]

  1. Chuck Versus the Zoom
  2. Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit
  3. Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips
  4. Chuck Versus the Business Trip
  5. Chuck Versus the HackOff
  6. Chuck Versus the Curse
  7. Chuck Versus the Santa Suit
  8. Chuck Versus the Baby
  9. Chuck Versus the Kept Man
  10. Chuck Versus Bo
  11. Chuck Versus the Bullet Train
  12. Chuck Versus Sarah
  13. Chuck Versus the Goodbye


DVD Special Features[]

  • Chuck: The Final Episode - An intimate look at the climactic shooting of the final episode (featurette)
  • Sandwiches and Superfans: The Saving of a Show (featurette)
  • Spy Tunes: Scoring the World of Chuck (featurette)
  • Chuck: The Beginnings (featurette)
  • Chuck: Through the Years (featurette)
  • Chuck: The Future (featurette)
  • 2 full-length audio commentaries on the final two episodes by executive producers and key cast members
  • "Declassified" scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Full versions of the Buy More TV commercials with Big Mike and Captain Awesome
  • Extended version of the series finale episode