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The Fourth Season


Theme: Action-comedy
Country of origin: USA
Network: NBC
Original run: September 20, 2010 - May 16, 2011
Total episodes: 24
Seasons: Season 12345

The Fourth Season of Chuck began airing on the September 20, 2010 in the United States with Chuck Versus the Anniversary. The events of this season take place six months after the third season.

This season saw the introduction of villains: Alexei Volkoff, head of Volkoff Industries, and Volkoff's daughter, Vivian McArthur.


The fourth season of Chuck was announced on May 13, 2010. Having initially ordered 13 episodes, NBC ordered an additional 11 on October 19, 2010 for a total of 24 episodes.

Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak expressed a desire to continue the series past the fourth season as early as March 2011, when it was announced that the season finale would be titled Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger.

Unlike the third season which was held as a mid-season replacement, this season remained in it's traditional Monday 8/7c time slot.

Both Blu-ray and DVD sets are available. [1]

Season Arc[]

Chuck enlists the help of Sarah, Morgan, and Casey to help find his mother Mary.

When the Alexei Volkoff issue is finally resolved, Ellie and Devon welcome a daughter, Chuck and Sarah get engaged and begin preparing for their wedding. Volkoff's daughter, however, is subverted by his old advisor, and takes her place as the organization's new head. Vivian begins plotting against Chuck, who lied to and manipulated her, in addition to being the man who took her father down.




Episode List[]

  1. Chuck Versus the Anniversary
  2. Chuck Versus the Suitcase
  3. Chuck Versus the Cubic Z
  4. Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat
  5. Chuck Versus the Couch Lock
  6. Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror
  7. Chuck Versus the First Fight
  8. Chuck Versus the Fear of Death
  9. Chuck Versus Phase Three
  10. Chuck Versus the Leftovers
  11. Chuck Versus the Balcony
  12. Chuck Versus the Gobbler
  13. Chuck Versus the Push Mix
  14. Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible
  15. Chuck Versus the Cat Squad
  16. Chuck Versus the Masquerade
  17. Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil
  18. Chuck Versus the A-Team
  19. Chuck Versus the Muuurder
  20. Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff
  21. Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner
  22. Chuck Versus Agent X
  23. Chuck Versus the Last Details
  24. Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger

DVD Special Features[]

  • Chuck Versus Directing: Zachary Levi Takes Charge on Chuck Versus the Leftovers
  • Operation Gomez: Spying on the Cast: Joshua Gomez Shows Off His Newfound Spy Skills
  • Chuck Versus the Webisodes: The Chronicles of Jeff and Lester’s Quest for an Elusive Video Game
  • Blu-ray Exclusive – The Top Secret Chuckapedia Interactive Experience
  • Declassified Scenes
  • Gag Reel


  Season Four Characters edit

Chuck BartowskiSarah WalkerMorgan GrimesJohn CaseyEllie BartowskiDevon WoodcombDiane BeckmanBig MikeLester PatelJeff Barnes


Alex McHughAlexei VolkoffGretaJane BentleyMary BartowskiVivian VolkoffClara Woodcomb

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