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The First Season


Theme: Action-comedy
Country of origin: USA
Network: NBC
Original run: September 24, 2007 - January 24, 2008
Total episodes: 13
Seasons: Season 12345

The First Season of Chuck began airing on the 25th of September, 2007 in the United States and was picked up for a run of 13 episodes.

Season Plot[]

Charles "Chuck" Bartowski, ace computer nerd at Buy More, is not in his right mind. That's a good thing. Ever since he unwittingly downloaded stolen government secrets into his brain, action, excitement, John Casey, and Sarah Walker, a cool secret agent undercover as his girlfriend, have entered his life. It's a bad thing, too. Because now Chuck is in danger 24/7.


There have been various changes to the show prior to the airing of the pilot episode.

  • Wendy Makkena originally played General Mary Beckman, NSA director. The character of the NSA director then became General Diane Beckman played by Bonita Friedericy.
  • Natalie Martinez as Kayla Hart - Chuck's potential love interest was entirely eliminated.
  • The Nerd Herd division of the Buy More was originally called the Geek Force.
  • Devon Woodcomb's original role was to be an enemy spy who would be unveiled in the season's finale. His popularity decided the production team against the idea.

Episode List[]

  1. Chuck Versus the Intersect
  2. Chuck Versus the Helicopter
  3. Chuck Versus the Tango
  4. Chuck Versus the Wookiee
  5. Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp
  6. Chuck Versus the Sandworm
  7. Chuck Versus the Alma Mater
  8. Chuck Versus the Truth
  9. Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami
  10. Chuck Versus the Nemesis
  11. Chuck Versus the Crown Vic
  12. Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover
  13. Chuck Versus the Marlin




DVD Special Features[]

  • Declassified Scenes
  • Chuck on Chuck: Series stars join creators for some point/counterpoint
  • Chuck's World: Character Development and Original Casting Sessions
  • Chuck vs. the Chuckles: Gag Reel
  • Chuck's Online World: Gallery of Web-Originated Mini-Featurettes

  Season One Characters edit

Chuck BartowskiEllie BartowskiJohn CaseyMorgan GrimesSarah Walker


Jeff BarnesGeneral Diane BeckmanBig MikeBryce LarkinHarry TangLester PatelDevon WoodcombAnna Wu .

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