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The Second Season


Theme: Action-comedy
Country of origin: USA
Network: NBC
Original run: September 29, 2008 - April 27, 2009
Total episodes: 22
Seasons: Season 12345

The Second Season of Chuck began airing on September 29, 2008 in the United States and was picked up for a full run of 22 episodes.

This season might have been the last if it wasn't for the Save Chuck campaign.

Season Plot[]

Chuck is in luck. The beta Intersect is ready for espionage service, and that means the old Intersect (Chuck) can go back to his old life. But if Chuck goes, he's gone as Casey has orders to off him.

Fulcrum then destroys the government's new Intersect. Chuck survives to unravel mysteries of the past and becomes a hero in the present. He drops himself into a more perilous future in the season finale, where he gets into trouble with "The Ring".

Particularly in the early episodes, Huey Lewis and the News were a constant feature of the soundtrack.




Episode List[]

  1. Chuck Versus the First Date
  2. Chuck Versus the Seduction
  3. Chuck Versus the Break-Up
  4. Chuck Versus the Cougars
  5. Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer
  6. Chuck Versus the Ex
  7. Chuck Versus the Fat Lady
  8. Chuck Versus the Gravitron
  9. Chuck Versus the Sensei
  10. Chuck Versus the DeLorean
  11. Chuck Versus Santa Claus
  12. Chuck Versus the Third Dimension
  13. Chuck Versus the Suburbs
  14. Chuck Versus the Best Friend
  15. Chuck Versus the Beefcake
  16. Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon
  17. Chuck Versus the Predator
  18. Chuck Versus the Broken Heart
  19. Chuck Versus the Dream Job
  20. Chuck Versus the First Kill
  21. Chuck Versus the Colonel
  22. Chuck Versus the Ring

DVD Special Features[]

  • Music Video: Everything I Ask For by The Maine
  • Truth, Spies and Regular Guys: Exploring the Mythology of Chuck
  • Dude in Distress: Explore some of this season's best action scenes
  • Chuck Versus the Webisodes: Web-Originated Minifeaturettes
  • Chuck: A Real-Life Captain Awesome's Tips for Being Awesome
  • John Casey Presents: So You Want to Be a Deadly Spy?
  • Declassified Scenes
  • Gag Reel

  Season Two Characters edit

Jeff BarnesChuck BartowskiEllie BartowskiBig MikeJohn CaseyMorgan GrimesLester PatelSarah WalkerDevon WoodcombAnna Wu


Stephen BartowskiGeneral Diane BeckmanBryce LarkinEmmett MilbargeTed RoarkJill Roberts

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