Sheik Rajiv Amad was an influential Saudi Arabian multi-millionaire(with terrorist connections) who was the target of a con instigated by Jack Burton and subsequently Team Bartowski. He features prominently in "Chuck Versus the DeLorean". He is portrayed by Anthony Azizi.

Involvement in PlotEdit

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The Sheik was the target of a con to steal $10 million from his accounts (Team Bartowski's ulterior motive was to freeze his international accounts because he was suspected of funding terrorism). When he began to distrust Jack Burton, Sarah, Chuck and Casey helped create a believable con with the aim of retrieving his account number so the government could freeze his accounts. The Sheik realised when he had been conned, however, and took Jack Burton hostage, demanding the return of his money. Sarah attempted to retrieve her father, but turned up without the money. Chuck then arrived, asking for the Sheiks account number to return the $10 million. However, as the Sheik input his account number, the information was sent to Casey's laptop, giving him the information necessary to freeze his accounts.

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