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Hartley Winterbottom (Agent X)'s home, as seen in Chuck Versus Agent X

Somerset is a county in South-West England, United Kingdom. It is a major plot location in both Chuck Versus the Masquerade and Chuck Versus Agent X. Notably, the former residence of Hartley Winterbottom and his mother is located here, along with the country estate of Vivian Volkoff.

Vivian's Estate[]

A major location in Chuck Versus the Masquerade, Vivian MacArthur's estate is located in Somerset, paid for by Vivian's father, Alexei Volkoff. It is here that Chuck first meets Vivian at a masquerade party, and where Sarah poses as Vivian on a morning horse ride to lure Boris Kaminsky's men into a trap set by Casey.

The Winterbottom Home[]

The former home of Agent X; Hartley Winterbottom is also located in Somerset, and is featured prominently during Chuck Versus Agent X. Here; Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Hartley's mother engage in a shootout with Mr. Riley and his agents. Mrs. Winterbottom, had long planned for an attack and decided they needed to "scuttle the house" in order to escape. She set up some C4 and a hand grenade and led Team Bartowski to safety before blowing the house.


  • According to Chuck's flash in Chuck Versus Agent X, the precise location of Hartley's home is located near the town of Bridgwater, Somerset, off Chiltern Road.