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Stanley Fitzroy

Seasons: Season 3
Portrayed by: Greg Roman
Status: Active
Occupation: CIA Agent
Aliases: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

Fitzroy is the security chief at the secret underground CIA facility in LA on which Team Bartowski ran a trace cell mission in Chuck Versus the Tic Tac.

The facility had 15 levels which the team breached, though not without effort, to enter the lock box vault and retrieve something from a target box. While Chuck accomplished this, Casey stole a prototype drug from box 092407; it was this prototype the security testing was meant to protect. When the team entered their report on security, within 24 hours, Fitzroy had added security protocols that would counter their method of infiltration, as Chuck discovered when he slammed up against a clear smart glass wall during a repeat of a gymnastic avoidance run in an effort to break Casey out of holding.

Sarah then literally applauded Fitzroy's rapid response to their report, and Chuck faked a call to Beckman to praised Fitzroy's efforts; "Yes, General Beckman, the spy proofing is excellent. Who to thank..." Flushed with pride, Fitzroy introduces himself, and adds that his name means 'son of the king.' Chuck then introduces himself as Charles Carmichael and his partner, Sarah Walker. Fitzroy, a little overwhelmed, dismisses his weapon toting security, and asks if the team likes what he did with level 1 security. Sarah and Chuck were very generous in praising him, and said they'd love to see what was done with level 15. Delighted, Fitzroy took them on tour of all 15 levels, and told Chuck, "I'm just so glad you're pleased with my new security measures, I'm kind of your biggest fan.... I read and file all of your mission reports."

When Chuck then asks how he has managed to secure the holding cells, Fitzroy says he is the last line of security, as he has the only key card in the whole building. Sarah the gently tells him that they are going to need the key card, deflated as he realizes what they want, he says that he will swallow the key card if he has to. He is spared that, however, when security alarms go off as the cell is breached from the outside. Sarah snatches the card and punches Fitzroy, who drops unconscious. When asked by Chuck if that was absolutely necessary she replied with a vehement 'yes.'