Stavros Demetrios

Seasons:Season One
Portrayed by:Theo Alexander
Status: Incarcerated
Aliases:None known
Relatives: Yari Demetrios (father; deceased)
Relationships: Lou Palone (ex-girlfriend)
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami"

Stavros Demetrios is the owner and operator of several Los Angeles area restaurants and clubs, including Club Ares. He is also connected to several Middle Eastern groups of drug and weapons smugglers. He is the ex-boyfriend of Lou Palone.

His father, Yari Demetrios, a shipping magnate, handles the smuggling of Bryce Larkin into the country using a Human transport container. Yari is killed by Tommy Delgado before Casey is able to capture him. Stavros is currently incarcerated.

Character HistoryEdit

When Chuck visits Lou's shop for a sandwich tasting, he sees a flier with Stavros' name on it and flashes. He asks who Stavros is, and Lou reveals that it is her ex-boyfriend.

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