Stephen Bartowski's Secret Base refers to the hidden underground room that Chuck discovered and explored at the end of "Chuck Versus the Ring: Part 2". This room features heavily in the first half of Season Four. It was destroyed later in "Chuck Versus the First Fight" by Alexei Volkoff and Mary Bartowski, although not before the latter made sure everyone left behind could get out safely.

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As Chuck was walking to the front of the base, we saw the names of many of the storage boxes, which could give us hints about Stephen Bartowski spy life. Later, when Mary Bartowski is shown walking around the base, other boxes are shown.

  • Ted Roark (DECEASED stamped on it)
  • Operation: LARKIN (This suggests Bryce Larkin's contact with Orion was unsanctioned by the CIA)
  • Fulcrum Files
  • Identity: Orion - One of the boxes Chuck passed had this written on its front, suggesting Stephen goes by other names.
  • Identity: Hydra - Another box had this printed on it. It was later revealed, in "Chuck Versus the Gobbler", to be a network of Volkoff Industries through which Volkoff was able to control all subdivisions, and be in contact with people, without others even knowing of the existence of the other subdivisions.
  • Corvus: Phase Two - This was printed on another box.
  • The Aries Papers
  • The Triangulum (CAPTURED stamped on it)
  • The Fornax Group
  • Operation: CYGNUS
  • Mary Elizabeth Bartowski: Missing - This finally gives us Chuck's mother's name.
  • Eurybia. Possibly Intersect-related, contained a suppression device.

The base also contained various gadgets and devices:

  • One of Orion's laptops.
  • A device closely resembling the guidance system featured in "Chuck Versus the Sensei".
  • The burnt Intersect Cube used for the Intersect 2.0.
  • An unidentified discus-shaped device.
  • An Intersect suppression device.
  • Orion's wrist computer, heavily featured in Season 2.

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