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The Strength Leader Corporation is an organization seen in "Chuck Versus the First Kill", which espionage group Fulcrum uses as a front for recruiting spies, scientists and other people into their organization that think the way they do.

In "Chuck Versus the First Kill" Chuck answers a call on dead Fulcrum agent Bernie Ominsky's phone which states that Stephen Bartowski has been back to Base. Chuck manages to keep the Fulcrum agent on the line longer enough for the team to track down the rough location of the Fulcrum base. After seeing the location the call came from, Jill says that the base the agent was referring to was the Strength Leader Corporation which is an organization Fulcrum use for recruiting.

Team Bartowski take Jill along and use her to direct Chuck and Casey, who have infiltrated the building, in an attempt to save Stephen. Casey and Chuck try to make it up to the floor building where the holding cells are but are caught and are forced to claim they are lost and that they were looking for auditing. They are led down to the second floor where they take a Fulcrum personality test (see right) whilst the Fulcrum agents and there boss use cameras in the computers to identity them as a NSA agent and son of Orion.

Fulcrum exam

The women in charge of the tests announces that of the two of them, Chuck has passed and Casey has failed, sending Chuck up an office. In the office they confront Chuck, knowing that he's a spy and prepare to kill him but are killed when Casey, posing as a window cleaner, shoots them through the glass.

Jill and Sarah proceed into the building to rescue them, but Sarah is identified and pinned down in a heavy fire fight. Casey ambushes and shoots the Fulcrum operatives holding Chuck, then rushes from the office to help Sarah after ordering Chuck to use the office computer to determine where Stephen is being taken. Jill tries to escape during the gunfight, where she overhears that Stephen is being taken to a facility called Black Rock.

Meanwhile, the Fulcrum operative in charge returns to where Chuck is working, rushes him and slips on broken glass and topples out the window after tripping on Chuck's foot when Chuck shields himself with "The Morgan." Chuck dives for him and catches his arm, but is slips himself.

Jill is making her escape when she hears Chuck call for help, and after a moment of hesitation returns and catches Chuck before he can be pulled out the window. The Fulcrum operative agrees to talk if Chuck helps him, but his sleeve rips free and the agent falls to his death.

Jill tells Chuck that Stephen is being taken somewhere called Black Rock, but she doesn't know where that is. The name triggers a flash and Chuck identifies it as a location outside Barstow, CA.