Sydney Prince (Angie Harmon) is a recruiter for the Ring who kidnaps Devon Woodcomb, under the impression that he is a CIA agent due to his nature and proximity to Team Bartowski. She tries to use him to assassinate CIA agent Daniel Shaw.

In "Chuck Versus Operation Awesome", Sydney presumes Devon to be a decorated CIA agent and doesn't believe his insistence that he is merely a doctor. She supplies Devon with a Ring smartphone as well as a communication watch and earpiece. However, she did not anticipate that Devon would run to Chuck, the real spy, for help. With the help of Chuck and Shaw, Devon tricks her into thinking that he successfully carried out the mission. To throw Sydney off Devon's trail, Chuck calls Sydney on the smartphone and claims responsibility for the kill, saying that Devon was just a decoy. Sydney meets Chuck at the Buy More where she begins to further underestimate Chuck as a spy. Chuck manages to fool her and her other Ring operatives by pretending to do kung fu when he was unable to flash, only to run off with the operatives just waiting.

Sydney goes on pursuit on Chuck and was ambushed by Sarah. Sydney manages to dismantle her, to which she was only slightly surprised that Chuck had her at gun point, but predicted that he would not shoot and immediately ran off knowing Chuck's inability to kill. She is later shot from the back by Daniel Shaw.

She is shown in the Intersect, on the Ring hierarchy in "Chuck Versus the Ring, Part 2", which proves that Sydney is alive and is in fact in federal custody.

She appears in "Chuck Versus Operation Awesome".

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