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Sylvia Arculin
Sylvia Arculin

Portrayed by: Jenny McCarthy
Status: Unknown (Incapacitated/Deceased)
Occupation: Fulcrum Operative
Relationships: Cliff Arculin, partner
Residence: Meadow Branch
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Suburbs

Sylvia Arculin was one of the team of Fulcrum agents involved in developing the Fulcrum Intersect after Fulcrum attempt to steal the CIA's/ NSA's First Intersect was hindered by Bryce Larkin sending it to Chuck.

After Team Bartowski are alerted to possible terrorist activity going on at the Meadow Branch cul-de-sac in the LA suburbs, Sarah and Chuck pose as a couple and attempt to find out what's going on. Sylvia appears as a flirtatious and unfaithful housewife, inviting Chuck to have an affair with her whilst her "husband" is away. Chuck arrives at her house in order to infiltrate, after Casey spots that the house is using cabling that typically used to hack government severs. Sylvia attempts to seduce Chuck, handcuffing him to the bed, but is later revealed to be attempting to run a test Intersect on him. Having slipped his cuffs, and whilst investigating, while Sylvia is downstairs, Chuck inadvertently and successfully absorbed the Fulcrum  test database.

Sylvia and the rest of the Fulcrum agents populating the cul-de-sac, capture Team Bartowski and subject Chuck to the full Fulcrum Intersect. No one had by then successfully uploaded even the test data. After Chuck survives Fulcrum's Intersect upload, he pretends to be badly disoriented, Sylvia maliciously asks if he would mind if they tested the Intersect on his wife. Chuck replies blankly that he has no wife, but requests a word with his partner Agent Walker. Sylvia is delighted he let slip her name.

Casey, having escaped, switches the Intersect back on, Chuck tells Sarah to shut her eyes and shields her, eyes closed, while Casey protects himself with the dark glasses. The Fulcrum Intersect has devastating effect on the Fulcrum team, killing several and reducing many of the rest to mental wrecks. Sylvia is seen staggering and finally collapsing under the effect. Only three Fulcrum operatives walked out of the room, Sylvia was not among them.

Sylvia's fate at the end of the episode was not specifically revealed, but can be presumed dead or incapacitated.

She, along with Cliff, Brad, and Vanessa, appear on the chart hidden behind Chuck's Tron poster

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