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Theodore "Ted" Roark

Ted Roark

Seasons: Season 2
Portrayed by: Chevy Chase
Status: Deceased
Occupation: CEO of Roark Instruments,
Fulcrum Agent
Relatives: Unknown
Residence: California
Unnamed private island
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Dream Job
Chuck Versus the Colonel
Chuck Versus the Ring
You always did have a way with machines, Orion, and remember I always had a way with the girls.

Theodore "Ted" Roark was born on January 23, 1949 in New York, NY. He is the founder and CEO of Roark Instruments and is the arch-nemesis of Stephen Bartowski. There is some evidence that Ted is a ranking operative of Fulcrum. He served as the primary antagonist of Season 2.

He is credited with creating some highly successful computer technologies. Despite operating successfully in the United States, his firm has been implicated in several suspect technology transfer deals. He has been under CIA surveillance for at least 18 months. He is secretly in charge of creating the new Intersect for Fulcrum. At the end of "Chuck Versus the Dream Job", he captures Chuck and his father, Stephen, now revealed as Orion, and forces Stephen to help him finish the Intersect by promising to let Chick live.

Roark reappears in "Chuck Versus the Colonel". He gives Stephen until the next morning to finish the Intersect, threatening to kill his family. Stephen covertly double-crosses him and reprograms the computer to remove the Intersect from Chuck's brain rather than upload one. When Roark tries to use it to program a number of Fulcrum agents with the Intersect,  Roark discovers the deception when he fails to flash on any of his test data. After General Beckman's airstrike on the base begins, Roark flees and is presumed dead, but the end of the episode reveals he survived the attack and plans to reacquire Orion at Ellie's wedding.

In "Chuck Versus the Ring", Roark threatens to kill Ellie if Chuck does not turn over the Intersect cube, the central component of Roark's Intersect, however, he is thwarted by Chuck, Stephen, Sarah Walker, Bryce Larkin, and a special forces team led by Colonel John Casey. Roark is arrested and detained in a cell in Castle. He is later executed by a member of Casey's team who is revealed to be a member of a mysterious espionage conglomerate known as the Ring, the parent organization behind Fulcrum.

It is noted that Roark's Intersect cube is differently designed than other Intersects shown. Many of the previous Intersect designs have required the Cipher, rather than a large cube confined within a tube. The modified Orion built Intersect was later tweaked by the CIA and the NSA, where it became the Intersect 2.0, used through the entirety of Season Three and Season Four.


Roark is a caricature of software industry leaders such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He is portrayed by Chevy Chase as self-important and narcissistic, but highly charismatic. Early in "Chuck Versus the Dream Job", Stephen tells Chuck that he and Roark were once partners and graduate school classmates, but Roark stole many of his (Stephen's) ideas and presented them as his own. Similar accusations have also been made about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The episode revealed few other details about the relationship between Roark and Bartowski, Senior.

Nerd Notes[]

It is probable that he was named for the character of Mr. Roark (Ricardo Montalban) who was the host of Fantasy Island in the television series of the same name. Mr. Roark offered Chuck the dream job he'd always aspired to, and it fell out in a completely unexpected way, as was the usual course of the series plots. An alternate possibility is that his name may be inspired by Howard Roark from The Fountainhead, though pop culture tends to favor the former explanation.

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