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" It's called Tetrodotoxin. A modified poison extracted from blowfish. Fulcrum agents are taught to survive its near death state."
― Vincent Smith

Tetrodotoxin (TTX), also known as Tetradotoxin, is a deadly neurotoxin extracted from poisonous puffer-fish.


Chuck Versus the Couch Lock

Normally a killing agent, it has been modified on several occasions allowing the victim to remain paralyzed with a slowed heart rate, and therefore appear dead, when they are actually alive for a temporary period of time.

All Fulcrum agents carry a ring containing a pill of TTX, each agent trained to survive it's near death state.


When Vincent Smith was shot by Team Bartowski after breaking into the Buy More, he swallowed a pill of Tetrodotoxin. Chuck revolted at the sight, believing him to be dead. However, Vincent woke up hours later in Castle after being zipped inside a body bag, taking a surprised Chuck hostage.


Vincent Smith's Fulcrum pill.

On a later occasion, John Casey was administered a controlled dose of TTX in order to appear dead to his former, now rogue, team in order to lure them to his funeral and a trap. Casey suggested the drug might be called "fake-a-death-enol." Chuck explained that TTX would normally just kill outright, but they had modified it and it would slow down breathing and heart rate to the point to mimic death, but he would remain conscious but paralyzed throughout. This proved to be the case, and Casey was able to snap out of the paralysis effect after Morgan Grimes got his heart rate up by announcing that he was dating Alex.




  • TTX is a real neurotoxin.
  • In Chuck Versus the Couch Lock, it was misspelled as "Tetradotoxin".
  • The creature from which the toxin is obtained is the puffer fish, most contain a toxic substance that makes them foul tasting and potentially deadly to other fish, and fatal to humans. There is enough poison in one puffer fish to kill 30 adults, and there is no known antidote.