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Adelbert de Smet

Adelbert de Smet

Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: Richard Chamberlain
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: International Criminal
Aliases: The Belgian
Residence: Belgium
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death"
"Chuck Versus Phase Three"

Adelbert de Smet is a Belgian master criminal. In "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death" he arranged an auction for a diamond which was attended by most of the criminal organizations in Europe as well as Chuck Bartowski and Agent Rye of the CIA. The diamond, however, was a fake, and it concealed a microdot with CIA intelligence which was what was really being sold.

He appears to have discovered that Chuck was the Intersect as was revealed in the microdot, which explained the array of international criminals who wanted to purchase the diamond and its secrets.

Following the auction, The Belgian kidnapped Chuck after having killed Agent Rye. "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death" ends with the Belgian threatening Chuck's life with a poison needle.

He resurfaced in "Chuck Versus Phase Three", in which he had his minion, Dr. Mueller, attempt to force Chuck to use the suppressed Intersect, only to fail countless times. Chuck is kept heavily sedated throughout this, and is constantly having induced dreams as Mueller attempts to access the suppressed files, he salts the dreams with the people in Chuck's life, drawn from his phone, all asking him to flash.

The Belgian, wanting results, eventually orders 'Phase Three,' where Chuck's memories and personality would be wiped out entirely, leaving nothing except for the Intersect.

After Sarah discovered Chuck's whereabouts in Thailand, she, followed by Morgan and Casey, assault the Belgian's compound. de Smet is then knocked unconscious by an enraged Sarah who then coaxes Chuck back from the brink of oblivion.

With the Belgian's plan foiled, he is taken into custody by the CIA along with his tame scientist.

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