"My floating fortress of fun!" - Volkoff when describing the Contessa
The contessa

The Contessa, as it's seen docked at a bay in Russia

The Contessa is a converted battleship owned by Alexei Volkoff and is occupied by Volkoff Industries. Appearing in "Chuck Versus the Push Mix", the Contessa is only seen once in Season 4 as well as all of the Chuck series. Volkoff claims to have bought it on Craigslist Dubai, and that it has anti-aircraft missiles, sonar stealth technology, and an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor.

Hydra Network:Edit

  • Alexei Volkoff has his most important Hydra network located in the computers on board the vessel. His security measures within the ship have it almost certainly protected below the ship's decks. However, Team Bartowski soon infiltrates the seaworthy base and successfully obtains the Hydra network later, after having it moved from its place in the Contessa.
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