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The Norseman Components: Thorium (front),Tracking Device (left), Main Device (right)

The Norseman is a weapon device and major plot point first featured in "Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff" that is able to kill anyone on the planet from anywhere, using their DNA.


The Norseman consists of three components, originally spread around the globe. The first one was in possession of Vivian Volkoff (formerly Alexei Volkoff), the second the property of a well-known pirate, Ellyas Abshir, in Somalia and the final component was hidden in a cavern in the Swiss Alps, in a room which was only accessible with Alexei's DNA. This room contains the killing agent, Thorium.


In "Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff" Vivian offers the main device to Chuck as a faux act of good will. In reality, handing the weapon to Chuck was in itself a message to her father. However; although Volkoff took this as a sign his daughter wished to work with him, rebuilding Volkoff Industries, in reality, she was simply using him to obtain the Thorium.

During "Chuck Versus the Last Details", she reassembles the weapon and Mr Riley uses it on the scientist who manufactured it. They then proceed to arrange a meeting with potential buyers (including international assassins and crime syndicates), but instead of holding an auction, Mr Riley uses the Norseman to kill these potential threats, in attempt to spread an image of fear and respect for Vivian Volkoff. When leaving the meeting, Chuck rams into their car, knocking out Riley and Team Bartowski is able to retrieve the Norseman. After recovering from the crash Riley reveals to Vivian it was Chuck's father's program that turned her father into Alexei Volkoff, after which Riley is shot and killed by Sarah. Later, during Chuck and Sarah's rehearsal dinner, Vivian calls Chuck saying she has another Norseman and targets Sarah with it. However, the device seems to be defective as it didn't deliver enough poison to kill Sarah instantly, allowing Chuck enough time to acquire the antidote and save her.


The apparent antidote to the Norseman effects is called Irridium-5, as seen in "Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger". Though, as revealed later in the episode it is not entirely effective, and it merely slows the victim's deterioration, buying only a little more time for the victim who survives the original Norseman strike. Volkoff was apparently aware of the problem that is why he worked on a new compound, very secret, as revealed later by Mary Bartowski, as a secret project code named Lead Apron in which was developed a stronger and more effective antidote known as Irridium-6.