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Tommy Delgado


Seasons: 1
Portrayed by: Anthony Ruivivar
Status: Captured
Occupation: Fulcrum agent
Aliases: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Relationships: Bryce Larkin's 'handler'
Residence: Unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami
Chuck Versus the Nemesis

Tommy Delgado is the Fulcrum operative who initially attempts to use Bryce Larkin to steal the Intersect, and was part of the failed operation to have him smuggled back into the country by the Demetrios ring. He served as the primary antagonist of Season 1.

When Bryce was shot by NSA agent, John Casey, Delgado headed the team to retrieve and revive him, in order to learn the location of the Intersect files. When Bryce claimed that they were in his head, Delgado acted to keep him alive.

Bryce was eventually found by Chuck and Sarah in a shipping container in Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami. After he refused to answer any question unless he saw Chuck he escaped, holding Chuck hostage. When he tried to explain things to Chuck, the elevator was subverted and Delgado appeared as the doors opened. He tried to coerce Bryce to join Fulcrum but Bryce refused.

He later deduced that Bryce Larkin was a decoy and that Chuck was the real Intersect. He threatened to kill everyone in the Buy More if Chuck didn't come along with him. Chuck, however, told his co-worker, Jeff a panic word, "pineapple", which triggered a mass store evacuation, creating enough confusion for Chuck and Casey to escape to the Home Theater Room.

Delgado and his cohorts then assaulted them. They were then taken out by Bryce and Sarah, who had escaped a Fulcrum ambush and come to the rescue. Delgado managed to get his hands on Chuck, holding him at gunpoint. Bryce asked Chuck in Klingon if he was wearing a bulletproof vest, then shot him, giving Casey the opening to take out Delgado.

He was arrested and has not been seen or referenced since.

It was a "flash" on Tommy Delgado that first revealed Fulcrum's existence to Chuck. Until Jill was revealed to be a Fulcrum agent, Tommy was the only Fulcrum agent to have appeared in more than one episode, and a picture of him is seen on the diagram detailing the connections between the Intersect and several Fulcrum members.


  • Tommy's birth date and birthplace are the same as the actor who plays him.