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Tranq gun

The tranquilizer gun is a non-lethal firearm that is used on numerous occasions throughout the series, and is Chuck's weapon of choice.

The tranq gun has been used by many people and most organizations over the course of the show, often in order to incapacitate or capture others. It is a the preferred choice for Chuck, he is quick to tranq others, often on missions where he is required to keep his presence a secret, and because he hates "gun guns."

As he hates "gun guns," the non-lethal tranq gun is Chuck's first choice. Chuck has shown great skill with the tranq gun, especially when used with the Intersect 2.0. Although he was ridiculed for using one by the Ring Director and by Casey, Chuck continues to make it the only firearm he will employ, when given the choice. He later even dressed down his mother for her instant resort to lethal force, telling her they will have to have a discussion on the benefits of tranq guns.

The tranq darts are usually strong enough to knock a person out for several hours with only one dart, some people, however, take multiple darts. John Casey and Jeff Barnes have been shown to need multiple darts, likely due to Jeff's past with alcohol and drugs and Casey's history of exposure to other drugs throughout his career. Rock star, Tyler Martin, was able to shake the effect of the darts after only a short time, due to his "rock star metabolism." Tyler, in fact, enjoyed the experience, and hoped to repeat it.

By season 4, the tranq gun becomes Morgan's weapon of choice on missions as well, due to his complete inability to properly or effectively fire a hand gun, and the fact that Casey refuses to supply him with bullets.


Weapon stash

Tranq gun and darts (bottom right)

The tranq gun fires darts that release a tranquilizing agent on contact. Although the most common tranq darts have red tufts on their end, there are different kinds of darts used with the tranq gun. Some darts are more potent than others, and some are even able to make the victim forget any events within 5 minutes before being shot. Despite the differences between darts, none have been shown to have any long term negative effects. All of them can be also used manually in hand-to-hand combat by stabbing an opponent through his exposed skin or thin clothing.