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Tron Poster

Chuck's Tron Poster refers to the poster for the film Tron that Chuck's father gave him when he was 12 years old, which still  hangs on his bedroom wall in his Echo Park apartment.

Chuck has a deep sentimental attachment to the Tron poster, it was a film that he and his father both loved. This connection was used by Stephen as signal for Chuck when Stephen was being held by Fulcrum, who were forcing him to build a new Intersect in Chuck Versus the Colonel. Stephen managed to hack into a drive in theatre marquee near Black Rock, where he was being held, and changed the text to read "Tron 12AM" as a sign to Chuck that he was there.


Tron poster; Back side (4,558×3,018 px)

In Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon is revealed that Chuck used the back of the poster to map out connections of the NSA, CIA and Fulcrum with the Intersect project during his personal mission to find a way to remove the Intersect.


One of the stars of the film, Tron, Bruce Boxleitner, plays Captain Awsome's father, 'Woody' Woodcomb.