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Twin Pines Cabin

Twin Pines Cabin refers to the cabin that Stephen Bartowski uses as his home and base after he allows Sarah and Chuck to find his Airstream in Chuck Versus the Broken Heart. The cabin is off the grid and as secure as he can make it from Fulcrum, The Ring, and the CIA /NSA.

In Chuck Versus the Living Dead, Ring agents discover the location thanks to a tracking device Ellie was manipulated into planting on Stephen. The ring agents manage to capture Stephen and demand the he turn over The Governor, after it's existence was discovered by the traitor, Danial Shaw who had uploaded the Ring's Intersect and did not want to suffer negative effects.

When Chuck then arrives at the cabin, wanting to speak with his father, he walks right into the enemy agents and is captured as well. He tells his father he wanted to explain to him why he uploaded the Intersect 2.0, but uses the is an opportunity to show his dad what he can do with the Intersect instead.

Chuck apparently inherited the cabin after Stephen's death, and lures Alexei Volkoff there in Chuck Versus the Push Mix. It is there that Stephen's life's work, the removal of the evil Volkoff, and the return of Mary Bartowski is finally completed.

Nerd Note[]

The name of the cabin is a reference to Back to the Future (1985); the shopping mall where Marty met Doc Brown is initially named Twin Pines Mall.

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