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Ty Bennett

Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Carl Lumbly.
Status: incarcerated
Occupation: Martial Arts Sensei
Relationships: John Casey (former student)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Sensei

Ty Bennett, born April 11, 1963 at Camp Foster Marine Base. He is a martial arts expert, master strategist, and tactical instructor with the NSA, he is notable for having been the sensei for John Casey. Eventually he defects to the Ring where he serves as recruiter, often targeting his former students.

With the team he assembled, Bennett is been extremely effective at stealing weapons and reselling them on the global black market, and it is he who steals an inertial guidance system from the Global Launch Agency, escaping from Team Bartowski who were surveilling the location, "GLA also conducts top secret research for the NSA, most of our surveillance and weapons tracking technology is developed there. We picked up intel that someone might try to penetrate one of the lab's secure facilities. I want you and the Intersect to surveil the facility."

Ty Bennett

Later, at the Buy More when his inquiry about Casey is rudely rebuffed by Morgan, he casually crushes a can with one hand, angry yet verbally polite saying, "A wise man always treats a stranger with respect, for he could be gazing on the face of an enemy." Greatly impressing Morgan. When Chuck then follows him from the store, he is spotted almost immediately and forced into the trunk of Bennett's car, with the complaint he is too tall for it and requests another seating option. He then plays chicken with Casey, and is forced to stop. When facing his former student, he tries to recruit him; "You survived my trap - very good. I followed your career, John, you survived torture at the hands of Baath separatists, you did two years undercover in Afghanistan. Could you have done any of that without me? No. Of course not. My training saved you. I came here to ask you something. Be my student again. Take your training to the next level." Which Casey responds to with contempt. Bennett then leaps away and escapes the parking garage.

When the Team tracks Bennett to his dojo, they are captured and Bennett informs them he will kill them. Casey challenged him, "I thought you were a man of honor. If I'm not good enough to make your team, surely you could defeat me without the gun, with honor." Bennett and Casey then engage in hand to hand, Bennett attacking while Casey formally bows. Casey is still trying to do things Bennett's way, and getting beaten as a result. Chuck realizes that and urges Casey to focus on his anger rather than trying to achieve Bennett's calm, and as a result, Casey becomes the first opponent who had trained under Bennett to force him to "tap out", leading to his apprehension.

In Chuck Versus the Tic Tac, Casey's NSA recruiter, Colonel James Keller, a Ring agent, was said to have turned Ty Bennett to Fulcrum.


  • Bennett is a karate master, kung fu expert, and master strategist. He was hired to train NSA agents in martial arts.
  • His dojo and base are located at 1919 Mulholland Drive.

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