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Tyler Martin

Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Dominic Monaghan
Status: Active
Occupation: Rock Star
Residence: UK
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Third Dimension
I may be a rum-soaked narcissist, but I am also the best wing man you will ever have.

Tyler Martin, a rock star whose actual talent is debated by the characters, follows his multi-platinum third album, "Touch This," with a humanitarian tour to raise awareness for the growing problems in North Africa on the advice of his manager, Gavin.

He is also unwittingly being used by his manager to smuggle plans for a nuclear reactor through his elaborate set of tattoos, “...the tattoo on his back. It's not Arabic philosophy. It's actually a very clear message about a private reactor that's being built in North Africa." Because of this, Martin is eventually marked for death by the mercenary, Achmed Gambir.

Beckman orders the team to protect Martin and identify his assailants after foiling an earlier assassination attempt. Tyler's 'rock star metabolism' causes Team Bartowski certain problems, as he soaks up tranquilizers and other drugs, failing to stay 'under' anywhere near as long as he should.

When he awakens unexpectedly, he makes Chuck go clubbing with him where the two are threatened by a pair of female assassins, and Tyler abandons Chuck to their attentions. They are rescued by Casey and Sarah, and Tyler is taken to Castle where Chuck convinces him to go on with the concert to lure out the terrorist - one night of bravery for a life of normalcy - something Chuck said he would give anything for.

When Gambir appears, Chuck gets him to disarm by telling him “I know about the tattoo. I know what it means. You and your private army enriching uranium, selling it to unstable countries. Using Tyler's manager and his tattoos to pass the info off to your buyers.” and threatens to release the information. Tyler actually manages an untimely and unnecessary moment of courage and throws himself at Gambir, then he an Chuck have to run as Gambir re-arms.

When the two make the stage, Sarah and Casey take out Gambir, and the show goes on. Tyler later thanks Chuck for letting him see what it was like to put someone else before himself - now he can check that off his list.

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