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The UCLA Medical Center is a teaching hospital in Los Angeles which features in Chuck Versus the Angel of Death.


The Medical Center is seen at the beginning of Chuck Versus the Angel of Death in a flash back to Ellie and Devon attending their first day of medical school. A cadaver is seen, with a group of medical students surrounding it. Neither Devon or Ellie are anywhere to be seen.

When the doctor heading the class calls out first Devon and then Ellie's names for participation in dissecting a femoral artery, there is no response. He comments dryly that he hopes where ever they are "gaining an appreciation of the human body." Ellie and Devon are then seen making out in a broom closet:

Ellie: What did you say your name was?
Devon: Devon. Yours?
Ellie: Ellie.
Devon: Pleasure to meet you, Ellie.
Ellie: You know, I don't normally make out with strangers in broom closets like this.
Devon: We're not strangers. Remember? I'm Devon, you're Ellie.
Ellie: Oh, God, I love med school.