• AlexMcpherson

    So, Burbank Boulevard has no malls, or addresses for that matter, in the 9000s.


    Here's my idea for '9000 boulevard'.

    yes, I did the car park.

    And if you think plot itself (not it's placement in burbank) wrong, well, aside from one or two liberties with simplifying the damn road part of the car park, I just screenshotted the actual place used for exterior shots of the BM/OO, and did the MS Paint stuff over it... then redid the car park because it's layout is confusing.

    yes, the parking spaces are diagonal.

    And if you think the orientation is wrong blablabla, the store is south-facing anyway, and supposedly to be visible from the road itself so store is on northside of the road.

    so.. how about castle?


    Small one - season 2, and larger o…

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