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  • ChuckandSarahmyotp

    OMG!!!!!! I can't believe it myself yet!!! I am very happy, and excited to say that April 7th, 2015 the long anticipated soundtrack was finally released!!!!!! The Track listing is as follows:

    1.Bryce Larkin Super Spy Tim Jones 01:57
    2.Chuck And Sarah The Beginning Tim Jones 07:43
    3.Action Theme Tim Jones 03:58
    4.Charlie Foxtrot Shaw Tim Jones 05:37
    5.A Question And A Spy Tim Jones 04:18
    6.Ellie Rescues Chuck Tim Jones 03:17
    7.It's Not All Work Tim Jones 09:57
    8.Mission Time Tim Jones 09:11
    9.All In A Day's Work (For Sarah) Tim Jones 05:19
    10.Backstories And Secrets Tim Jones 08:06
    11.Tangos And Hot Dogs Tim Jones 03:57
    12.Buy Morons Vs. Emmet Tim Jones 02:50
    13.Take On Me (Orchestral Version) Jeffster! 03:47
    14.Fortunate Son Jeffster! 02:28
    15.Fat Bottom…

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  • ChuckandSarahmyotp

    Hey Everybody! I thought, since there is no soundtrack for the CHUCK instrumentals in the backgrounds of their show(like the chuck action theme[alll the songs are created by Tim Jones!!]), I decided I would make one! Here it is! Hope you enjoy it!:D

    (somebody made this on youtube, I'm just posting it here!! Should have all 22+ Tracks!)

    Listen to this music, and enjoy your day!!:D

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  • ChuckandSarahmyotp

    So, you call yourself a CHUCK fan?? I bet you can't beat this Trivia!! Look at the following Questions, and Post your answers in the comments below. Then see if you got the questions by looking at the answers at the bottom of the page. How many can you get??

    First up, We can't have a quiz about CHUCK unless we know who we're talking about, so see if you can answer these full name questions.

    1. What is Chuck's FULL name?

    2. What is Morgan's FULL name?

    '3. 'What is Ellie's FULL name?

    4. What is Devon's FULL name?

    5. What is Jeff's FULL name?

    6. What is Lester's FULL name?

    7. What is Alexi Volkolf's REAL name??

    8. What is Sarah Walker's REAL name??

    9. What is John Casey's REAL name??

    Now For the REAL QUESTIONS:

    10. What is the name of the first CHUCK Episo…

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