OMG!!!!!! I can't believe it myself yet!!! I am very happy, and excited to say that April 7th, 2015 the long anticipated soundtrack was finally released!!!!!! The Track listing is as follows:

1.Bryce Larkin Super Spy Tim Jones 01:57
2.Chuck And Sarah The Beginning Tim Jones 07:43
3.Action Theme Tim Jones 03:58
4.Charlie Foxtrot Shaw Tim Jones 05:37
5.A Question And A Spy Tim Jones 04:18
6.Ellie Rescues Chuck Tim Jones 03:17
7.It's Not All Work Tim Jones 09:57
8.Mission Time Tim Jones 09:11
9.All In A Day's Work (For Sarah) Tim Jones 05:19
10.Backstories And Secrets Tim Jones 08:06
11.Tangos And Hot Dogs Tim Jones 03:57
12.Buy Morons Vs. Emmet Tim Jones 02:50
13.Take On Me (Orchestral Version) Jeffster! 03:47
14.Fortunate Son Jeffster! 02:28
15.Fat Bottom Girls Jeffster! 03:02
16.End Titles Tim Jones 01:09

Unfortunately, as you can see, not all of the songs from chuck are on here, like "The Dark Side", and "Chuck and Sarah's Theme" is called "A Question and a Spy", but most of them are there, even a few "Jeffster!" songs!!! xD!!

Here is a link that will lead you to two wesites that sell it for the cheapest amount of doe!!! It even comes with a digital booklet!!!!


So there you go!! I'm saving up to get the disc!!:D Can't wait to buy it!!!

Soundtrack Cover

The Soundtrack Cover

Have a Wonderful Day!!