If no-one has any objections, I was thinking of going through and trying to standardise the pages, above all the episode pages, to make them similar in style and (hopefully) detail. Little things like a single format for the dates, a consistent manner of linking names (first reference on the page only - in general), things like this.

I'm also putting together categories for the major characters, groups and story arcs; not only those episodes in which they appear, but also the ones in which vital information about them is revealed, or upon which they have a powerful impact even though they are not present. A good example of the last would be Chuck Versus the Wookiee, where, although Bryce is never seen, he and his relationship with Sarah greatly affect Chuck's decisions.

If I manage to get all of this done, I might also look at a single format for the episode page titles (excluding the pilot), since at the moment 'vs', 'vs.', 'versus' and 'Versus' all appear, I believe.