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Chuck finds the puzzle box

The Venetian puzzle box belonged to virologist, Guy LeFleur, It was this box that Team Bartowski retrieved from Lefleur's room during their search for intelligence on Fulcrum agents within the CIA who might have been blackmailing him. According to General Beckman, "Guy LeFleur, obtained a list of CIA code names for the agents he worked with.We have reason to believe it's a list of Fulcrum operatives. This may be our only chance to find the corrupt agents within our ranks. Intel thinks it's hidden in Guy's hotel room at the Waldron. We have to get that list before Fulcrum does. You need to take the Intersect in off-the-record and see if he can flash."

When the room is searched, Chuck does indeed flash on the puzzle box, and wryly comments they were very popular with Renaissance spies. He tells Sarah and Casey it's something for him to deal with "...The puzzles, that's all me."

He quickly slides the puzzle numbers, commenting, "You see, you'd think it would be numerals one through 12 in a row. But these boxes used a complicated Fibonacci sequence...." He then opened the box and he and Sarah peered in only to be dosed with a reddish powder. Casey left the room promising to be back with a containment unit, meanwhile Sarah and Chuck stripped to their underwear and dove under a shower to remove the suspected toxin.

After testing, it turned out the box held powdered fruit punch, Hi-C, which was a clue to the location of the list they were looking for.  When Chuck realized that the box was actually a music box, and the High C referred to music, not water, Casey sang a note that caused a hidden drawer to open and reveal a pair of opera glasses - the next clue.