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Verbanski Corp Compound

The Verbanski Corp Compound houses the headquarters for the private security organization. The base is equipped with multiple training facilities including sparring arenas and shooting ranges. Gertrude Verbanski has an executive office in the facility where she keeps various weapons as trophies from opposing agents she has bested.


In Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit, Gertrude Verbanski invites Sarah Walker to her office to discuss a position for Sarah with Verbanski Corp, and to learn more about Colonel John Casey. Morgan Grimes is later seen meeting with Gertrude offering himself as an agent with Verbanski Corp.

In Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips, Team Bartowski infiltrated the compound after they learned that Verbanski stole their mission data on Mats Zorn. The team is able to successfully retrieve the flash drive after they Tranq Morgan and escape.