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Chuck's cover is blown by the hotel concierge in Chuck Versus the Tango

A list of bit characters, usually unnamed, who have appeared in Chuck who haven't necessarily contributed significantly to the plot, but emphasized a plot point, or were gateway characters to flashbacks, or otherwise contributed to main character actions or reactions, and who are not associated with Fulcrum or The Ring.

Angry Customer[]

The Buy More customer is an attractive customer that came into the Buy More, in Webisode three, to get help from the Nerd Herd about her corrupted picture files. Both Lester and Jeff wanted to serve this customer.Lester calls dibs but Jeff enforces the Roshambo rule (think Rock, Paper, Scissors on the run); Lester cheats and gets to the woman first. Although he attempts to flirt with her, the woman is all business. Her laptop died, she said, as she was uploading “personal” photos. Lester thinks he recognizes the woman, but she brushes him off by saying she works in the “entertainment industry.” When Lester recovers her photos, however, he realizes where he may have seen her before… When Morgan catches Lester, Jeff, and Anna (whose “expert opinion” they’ve enlisted) looking at porn, he busts them. The woman, furious, takes her laptop and leaves.

Armed Guard[]

Armed guard is a character who appeared with the Chuck Graphic Novels series.

Beach Babes[]

Beach babe (I) and Beach babe (II) are a couple of babes who spend time on the beach. They are seen in Main storyline of the Chuck Graphic Novels series.

Beach Bum[]

Beach bum is someone who hangs around the beach with the Chuck Graphic Novels series.


In Chuck Versus the Tango, Chuck accompanies Sarah and Casey to an art auction at the Wilshire Grand Hotel on the off chance that he might spot the terrorist, la Ciuadad. When Morgan gets locked in the cage at the Buy More, he calls the hotel and instructs the concierge to find Chuck Bartowski, Chuck, of course, is attending under the name Charles Carmichael. So in following Morgan's instructions, the concierge inadvertently blows Chuck's cover right in front of la Ciudad.

Obnoxious Customer[]

In Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover, the Obnoxious Customer brings in a camera for exchange, triggering a memory in Casey, who does not respond immediately to the man's demand for refund. He abuses, Casey, "You can't give me a refund, you won't give me an exchange. What exactly are you capable of doing, Big Johnny, you sad, impotent oaf?" who has to be stopped from smashing the man flat by Chuck, who tells the customer that he can help him.

Perfect Stranger[]

While Chuck and Sarah are in Milan for a Fashion Week mission in Chuck Versus the Suitcase, Chuck inadvertently finds his hand on the buttock of their target, which of course has him flustered. When he points out that it was an accident and he came with someone else, indicating Sarah, even as the Perfect Stranger (Bronson Pinchot) walks in front of her, leading Chuck's target to assume that's who he meant.

Thai Woman[]

In Chuck Versus Operation Awesome, after Devon is kidnapped, the team attempts to locate Devon, and Chuck begins to panic. Eventually, Sarah and Casey convince him to calm down and go upstairs to the Buy More. Due to his agitated state, Chuck flashes on a pushy customer and berates her in her native language, before then kicking an annoying Lester in the face.

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