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Victor Federov "A Russian oligarch with ties to everything from the mob to a plot to overthrow Parliament."

Federov was a mob boss who strove to organize all of the other heads of the Russian mob under him. He was engaged to Ilsa, who had previously had a relationship with John Casey.

Chuck discovers a file which reveals Ilsa as a French spy who had been investigating Federov since "the Paris commuter train bombings in '02." Her agency had tried everything to take him to trial, but found his organization to be 'airtight, totally legit from the outside.' The only way to take him down was from the inside, so she ran an elaborate honey pot and wound up engaged to him.

Team Bartowski stopped the wedding and with Ilsa's help took in Federov and his whole cadre.

Seen in: Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover

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