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The Main Headquarters of Volkoff Industries is the location and home to the higher-ups of the fictional black market arms dealing organization, Volkoff Industries.

The headquarters also housed the office of the head of the organization Alexei Volkoff, until he was replaced by his successor and daughter Vivian Volkoff. It is located in Moscow, Russia (in reality:Budapest, Hungary).

Notable Residents[]


The headquarters first appeared in Chuck Versus the Leftovers, where Volkoff calls in his agent, Mary Bartowski, to his office. He consults with her that Chuck was still alive, and that he needs her to assist three of his best assassins into killing Chuck. The headquarters resurfaces again in Chuck Versus the Gobbler, as Sarah joins Volkoff Industries after having General Beckman stage her arrest for "committing treason".

She enters Volkoff's office, where she has to prove herself to Volkoff that she is not a double agent. As of Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff, Volkoff's daughter Vivian now owns the building as her father was incarcerated by the CIA. She runs the entire organization after having been betrayed by the CIA when she was promised that she could visit her father in prison.

Volkoff's Office[]

  • There is a hidden Hydra interface that is built into Volkoff's desk, where he can easily access the ability to monitor all of his operatives and weapons transactions without them knowing. The interface appears to be a hologram.
  • Volkoff tends to pass the time in his office through making painting, listening to the musics composed by Mozart, monitoring and manipulating his agents through the Hydra interface, and listening to poems, by Joseph Stalin.
  • In Chuck Versus the Push Mix, Chuck appears to have accessed the computers in the office, sending him threatening messages where he scares Volkoff into believing that Orion is still alive.
  • In Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil, it is revealed that Volkoff had received his funding from the First Bank of Macau, a notorious criminal funding bank. He had kept all of his daughter's early achievements and childhood photos in one of the bank's deposit boxes. His daughter, Vivian was sent by the CIA to infiltrate the bank after having received her father's account card in his office, and is shocked that he had always been watching over her from the distant.
  • Resurfaces again in Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff, Vivian finally became her father's successor, and runs the entire organization after having been betrayed by the CIA when told she was allowed visit her father in prison. The office now belongs to her and is used when she was arranging a kill order out on a mysterious Agent X.
  • Appears again in Chuck Versus the Last Details, where Morgan is disguised as a potential buyer for the Norseman Device.