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Von Hayes

Steve Valentine as Von Hayes
Seasons: Season 2
Portrayed by: Steve Valentine
Occupation: software magnate
Residence: British
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Break-Up

Von Hayes is a wealthy software magnate who features in Chuck Versus the Break-Up.


Von Hayes is revealed to have been hired by Fulcrum to decrypt The Intersect refresh data drive stolen from NSA facilities. He underestimates Fulcrum's ruthlessness, however, and the Fulcrum agent known as Juliette holds him at gunpoint and demands he hand over the decrypted data, free of charge.

When Team Bartowski prevents the delivery of Hayes' decrypted information to Fulcrum, he runs and then holds the information hostage, demanding immunity from prosecution and a large cash payment in exchange for his cooperation. At the meet between Chuck and Von Hayes, however, hired goons employed by Fulcrum interrupt the exchange and Von Hayes flees with the data.

The goons hold him at gunpoint and demand the chip, Chuck then arrives, and offers the goons the money, "In my hands, I'm holding $4. 5 million in unmarked bills. Now, I'm not sure what the current going rate for thug-for-hire work is, but I'm feeling pretty confident that it's a lot less than this. Now, all I ask is that you let Von Hayes and my two friends here go, and the money's all yours. Or you can die horrible deaths in a hail of gunfire. The choice is yours, really." The goons accept the offer, and leave with the money. Hayes thanks Chuck, whom he knows as Jorge, but Casey tell him not to encourage Chuck's behavior and pursues the goons, determined to get the money back.


  • Von Hayes' name is an homage to the outfielder who played twelve seasons in Major League Baseball with the Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies, and California Angels.
  • At 6'4" Steve Valentine is another actor who contributed to the show's reputation as being "the tallest cast in Hollywood."

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