Vuk Andrić


Seasons:Season 1
Portrayed by:Nickolas Pajon
Status: Free
Occupation:Demolitions expert
Relatives: Unknown
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Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Intersect"

Vuk Andrić is a menacing Serbian demolitions expert.

In "Chuck Versus the Intersect", Chuck runs into Andrić whilst shoping at the Burbank Large Mart. Chuck flashes on him and Vuk, sensing that Chuck knows what he does for a living, starts following but backs off.

After flashing on a Burbank hotel, Chuck puts several pieces of intelligences from different American security agencies and figures out that Vuc has planted a bomb at the hotel.

The bomb is intended for General Stanfield who is giving a speech at the hotel. Chuck, Sarah and Casey manage to destroy the bomb by using a computer virus. Vuk wasn't seen around the site of the bomb and as far as we know was never apprehended.