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Wally & Judy Roberts

Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Peter Onorati
Lori Alan
Status: Active
Occupation: Undisclosed
Aliases: n/a
Relatives: Jill Roberts (daughter)
Relationships: Chuck Bartowski (Jill's former boyfriend)
Residence: Los Angeles
Appearances: Chuck Versus the First Kill

Wally and Judy Roberts are the parents of Jill Roberts. They appear in Chuck Versus the First Kill.

After Chuck's father, Stephen, was taken by Fulcrum in Chuck Versus the Dream Job, Chuck was determined to find him, and so approached the only Fulcrum agent that might help him; Jill. Released from prison in order to assist Team Bartowski, she said their only option would probably be her uncle, Bernie, her father's best friend, and the man who recruited her into Fulcrum. He only ever appeared without his body guards at family functions, hence, she and Chuck manufactured such a function; they told Wally and Judy, whom Chuck had met five years previously, that he and Jill had reunited and were now engaged.

Wally and Judy threw the couple an engagement party, her father saying, "...this is such a wonderful surprise. We thought she was living in Helsinki. We didn't know when we'd see her again."

He toasted the couple with, "I remember when you first met at Stanford, the way you'd look at each other... Just like your mom and I did. And I know you've had your problems, but deep inside, you knew you were right for each other. And you never let anything get in the way of that. To Jill and Chuck."

When Sarah and Casey followed Bernie into the party, with Sarah introducing herself as Chuck's cousin, and Casey as her boyfriend, Wally rather tactlessly said, "Talk about beauty and the beast, huh? You must be loaded!"

After Bernie collapsed and died from an apparent massive coronary while trying to kill Chuck, Team Bartowski and Jill left the party saying Bernie was "dead drunk," and they would take care of him. In the doorway, Jill shared what was likely to be the last embrace with them for a long time to come.

When Chuck later told Jill that the CIA was going to return her to prison, she seemed resigned, "Well, it's not your fault. At least I got to see my family one last time."

Wally and Judy were neither seen nor referenced again.


Judy paid a good deal of attention to the engagement ring Jill showed off, who claimed it was a Tacori. Tacori is a high end retailer of hand crafted engagement rings that start at about $2,500 plus the price of the diamond, hence Casey's admonition, "That ring cost the taxpayers a fortune, Bartowski. Don't lose it."


Judy: You two are going to have the most beautiful babies. I want a girl and a boy. I'm sorry, Chuck, is all this talk of children scaring you?