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Wendy Makkena
Biographical informations
Name Wendy Makenna
Birthplace New York City
Birth Date October 4, 1963
Character information
Portrays General Mary Beckman
Season(s) Pilot

Wendy Makkena originally played General Mary Beckman on the NBC television series Chuck. She only appeared in the pilot episode, "Chuck Versus the Intersect". For unexplained reasons, Makkena was replaced by actress Bonita Friedericy, and the name of the character was changed to General Diane Beckman.

Career[edit | edit source]

Born in New York City, Makkena began her acting career in 1986 and appeared in the TV show Santa Barbara.

Mary Beckman

She later landed her first movie role in Eight Men Out. She has made various guest appearances in TV shows such as Law & Order, Monsters, NYPD Blue and House.

Makenna appeared on House in 2007, and was also a guest on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2009. She was also originally meant to portray as General Mary Beckman in the NBC television series pilot Chuck in 2007, but was replaced with Bonita Friedericy, who portrayed General Diane Beckman for the duration of the series.

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