Wienerlicious is a German hot dog restaurant franchise, seen in the first season of Chuck, located in the same plaza as the Burbank Buy More. The store is replaced in the second season with a frozen yogurt shop, Orange Orange, which is built over Castle. Wienerlicious is an apparent parody of Wienerschnitzel.

With the store being close to the Buy More where Chuck works, Sarah Walker takes a job at there as part of her cover, it easily allows her to keep a watch over Chuck during the day. To communicate with their CIA and NSA superiors easily, a hidden monitor and comm station is built into the main countertop, accessed by pressing cash register keys "7-2-1-0-Enter" as shown in "Chuck Versus the Marlin".

During Sarah's time at the Wienerlicious, the only other member of staff who is seen is Scooter, her supervisor. Although none are seen at work the store, there are other Wienerlicious girls, since they are invited to Sarah's bachelorette party in "Chuck Versus Agent X".

In "Chuck Versus the Goodbye", when locations from the pilot are echoed, Chuck and Sarah found themselves in a Wienerlicious in Berlin.

Trivia Edit

  • The exterior shots are of the Stargazer restaurant located in the Fallbrook Center in West Hills, CA ( located at 34°11'17.75"N, 118°37'25.48"W). This is the same shopping center as the Mervyns used for the exterior shots of Buy More.
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