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The entrance of the Wiltshire Strand, as featured in "Chuck Versus the Tango"

The Wiltshire Strand hotel is the location of the art auction featured in Chuck Versus the Tango.


The auction is used by the notorious arms dealer La Ciudad in an attempt to purchase a piece of artwork containing a container of weapons grade plutonium in its frame.

The mission begins as Team Bartowski is tasked with discovering La Ciudad and stopping any attempted trade of arms. Chuck is included in the field op as the Intersect would be invaluable for uncovering the identity of the never before photographed dealer. Chuck first mistakes a pair of undercover MI6 Agents for the arms dealers, having flashed on one of them, and then reports back to Sarah. Sarah then tells Chuck to wait at the bar, he then flashes on a painting as Sarah and Casey are off dealing with the MI6 agents.

Chuck is then met by the real La Ciudad, and they discuss the painting and then tango together. When he spots a scar on her neck, he flashes and realizes that la Ciaudad is a woman. She then discovers he has lied to her about his name when Morgan has him paged under the name Bartowski rather than Carmichael. She abducts him and has him tied in her room where she demands to know who he works for. She threatens to have him thrown out of the hotel window unless he cooperates. When Sarah and Casey arrive to rescue him, la Ciudad exits the room via the balcony.