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Woody and Honey
Honey and wood

Seasons: 2,4
Portrayed by: Bruce Boxleitner
Morgan Fairchild
Status: Active
Occupation: Doctors
Aliases: The Very Awesomes
Relatives: Devon Christian Woodcomb (son)
Eleanor Faye Bartowski (daughter in law)
Clara Woodcomb (granddaughter)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Sensei
Chuck Versus the Ring
Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror

Drs. Woody and Honey Woodcomb are Devon's parents. They are first mentioned in ​Chuck Versus the Gravitron​, and first seen in ​Chuck Versus the Sensei.

Honey and Woody live in Connecticut, and are referred to by Chuck and Ellie as The Very Awesomes. They have three perfect sons, Devon being their oldest. Woody is a chief of surgery.

They both are very similar to Devon when it comes to their love for exercise and athletics. They are energetic, lively, and fit, even when they have been on a red eye flight, they go out for a run upon arrival. They are always ready and eager.

Whenever they come to town, Ellie becomes obsessed with pleasing them, feeling she cannot measure up to their awesomeness. Although usually calm and collected, Ellie becomes a nervous wreck and a exacting perfectionist when she is required to be near Devon's parents. In Chuck Versus the Gravitron, the Awesomes are supposed to come for Thanksgiving and Ellie's nervousness manifests with her obsessively cleaning, and cooking multiple turkeys in a search for perfection. When she decides it's not perfect, she promptly throws a whole turkey in the trash for flaws only she notices. She also un-invites Morgan to dinner, since he is far from perfect.


Ellie reacts to the Awesome presence

Honey and Woody, though with the best intentions, tend to be overbearing, best seen by their interference with the Devon and Ellie's wedding plans. Honey all but decides everything from color scheme to cake, but Ellie hits her breaking point when Woody offers to walk her down the aisle because he knows her father isn't around. She says no, and she walks out on them, followed closely by a concerned Devon.

They attended both of Devon and Ellie's wedding ceremonies, the one Honey planned and the one Ellie wanted, and Chuck provided.

​Ellie once told Devon she accidentally saw his parents when they were making love in Jacuzzi, much to his discomfort.

In the Season Four episode, ​Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror, Honey comes to visit and stays with a pregnant Ellie for a few days to prep the couple for parenthood, much to Ellie's chagrin. Even though at first the relationship with her daughter-in-law is strained, Ellie finds herself grateful for Honey, and realizes the in-laws are just trying to help and be involved in both her and the baby's life, a contrast to Ellie's own mother.

They do not reappear onscreen after this, although they are referenced.


  • Woody is played by Bruce Boxleitner who starred in the 1982 Walt Disney film Tron as the titular character Tron, a role which he reprises in the 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy. (See: Chuck's Tron Poster)
  • Bruce Boxleintner also starred in another WB series, Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983-1987) in which he played a spy who teams up with a civilian; "the mom next door," similar to Chuck being touted as "the computer nerd next door." The same house the character of Mrs. King lived in, was later used as Sarah's dream home in Chuck.
  • Co-creator Josh Schwartz is the son of Honey Schwartz, which may have been the choice to naming Devon's mother.