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Zev Borow is an American author, freelance journalist, graphic novelist, and television writer who resides in Rockville, CA.

Borow started out as an intern with Rolling Stone Magazine writing short articles on music. He later moved to San Fransisco, at the urging of Dave Eggers to join the newly formed satire magazine Might. After Might went out of business in 1997, Borow moved back to New York to become a freelance writer. He has written for various publications such as New Yorker Magazine, Spin, Wired, GQ, and the Los Angeles Times.

Around 1998-99, Borow was approached by representatives of the newly formed Spyglass Entertainment television and film production company to develop a comedy pilot for television about a magazine writer. The pilot never made it to air. He subsequently wrote two more pilots for NBC which did not air also. After taking some advice from colleagues, who said he needed more experience in the "nuts and bolts" of television writing, Borow hired on to the NBC television series Chuck. He worked his way up as story editor and writer from 2007-2010. In that time, he wrote or co-wrote six episodes. Borow, along with co-executive producer Peter Johnson with artists Jeremy Haun, and Phil Noto created the Chuck graphic novel series.

He resigned his post in the spring of 2010 to be executive producer on the Fox television series Human Target.

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