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Zork is a text based video game, it is described as something Chuck Bartowski and Bryce Larkin bonded over while at Stanford together.

When Chuck first meets Bryce at Stanford in 1999, they find they have a lot in common. Both of them are engineering majors, and have similar taste in video games. Chuck shyly admits that he's planning to make his own version of the classic text based game Zork, and Bryce, another big fan of the game, agrees to help him with. They eventually complete their version using a TRS-80 computer.

Five years later, when Bryce sends Chuck the Intersect files, stolen during the events of Chuck Versus the Intersect, he uses their version of Zork as a password to ensure only Chuck can open the email that contained the Intersect database.

The terrible troll and hero's satchel, mentioned in the episode, are unique to Chuck and Bryce's version and do not exist in the original game, but the nasty knife does.

Nerd Notes[]

Zork is a text based video game in the real world which was one of the first interactive fiction computer games and an early descendant of Colossal Cave Adventure.

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